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Project storage and retrieval device

Modernization and relocation, completely manual operation voltage control, year 1982, located in Berne.

  • Decomposition of the complete system.
  • Upgrading of mechanical moving parts.
  • Replacing the drive with modern, energy-saving frequency inverter controlled drives.
  • Renewal of the electrical control system and periphery.
  • Installation and integration of laser instruments for absolute position detection.
  • Automation: The system moves the orders completely automatically.
  • Easy menu navigation with integrated operation panel.
  • System speed increases, functional processes optimized.

Electromechanical Automatic Grap

  • Electromechanical Automatic grapper for sheet packs to 5,000 kg.
  • Up to 4 automatically selectable formats and free selectable settings.
  • Compact design with minimum weight on the market!
  • Easy operation by remote control.
  • For hook operation or be hinged directly, more options available.


Structural steel mesh grabs with 10 tons capacity, electrically adjustable version. Extremely low weight. Compact dimensions allow little space for the absorption and therefore more storage space. New and Used Equipment – Repair – Examination – Modernization – Retrofit

Weighing technology – crane scales

Gauged crane scales – Displays for load , Voltage , process-data etc. Also for retrofitting. New and used equipment – repair – BGV-examination – modernization

Controls for plant and machinery

  • Control technology from planning to the start up.
  • PLC programming and visualization.
  • Updating of obsolete series e.g. Siemens S5 to S7.
  • Frequency regulations for all drives.